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Should You Use Essential Oils for Children?

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Essential oils are recommended by aromatherapists, but also by physicians. Be aware that these products are not only designed for adults. Some essential oils can not be used for aggressive massage baby’s skin is more delicate and fragile.

To know for sure if your baby is allergic or not to an oil, a common and effective method consists in applying a little oil on part of his skin in the arm for example. If, after 24 hours, her skin for any signs of allergy, this means that the oil is suitable and that he tolerates. It should be noted that one can use only one oil at a time during a baby massage. The mixtures are only reserved for large people.

The baby’s skin is very sensitive. For the massage, prefer the natural plant oils to mineral oils, which clog the pores of his skin. It helps you choose the right massage oil.

Essential oils are mostly mineral oil, with which the pores of the skin of your baby breathe much less than with natural vegetable-based oil. Vegetable oil is extracted from the seed or fruit and oilseeds obtained by first cold pressing the liquid obtained is then filtered and packaged in glass bottles.

As is the case in adults, Allergy also victims in babies. Therefore, when choosing a product to be applied to the skin of an infant, how well this one is all natural, it is necessary to take precautions. This includes making a test beforehand. More importantly, one must know the massage oils suitable for babies.

Currently, many parents are introduced to the use of oils as well as the practice of infant massage. However, it must be very careful because it is possible that the baby does not support the oil used or the smell of it. If this happens, it is likely that the buttons make their appearance. It is also possible that the baby suffers from itching.

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