Best Essential Oils For Immunity

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Our immune system is no less than armor for our body because it keeps diseases at bay. Some people have a strong immune system because they take a nutrient-rich diet and steer clear from foods that are harmful. They have a healthier lifestyle and they avoid being exposed to harmful environments.

However, not everyone can do that and have a strong immune system for that matter. There can be many reasons to have a poor immune system. It could be genetics, working in an unhealthy environment for a long time, etc.

What Is The Immune System?

In simple words, the immune system is a defense mechanism of our body that repels diseases. It strengthens our cells, tissues and organs and makes them capable of pushing away sickness.

A person with a poor immune system will catch cold easily, get infections and often get sick as the season changes.

If you are catching a fever, stomach ache, joint pain, headaches and other light illnesses more often than usual then chances are that you have a poor immune system. 

The Solution

There are certain factors involved that boost or decreases the tendency of our immune system. For instance, Cytokines are a group of proteins that are released by particular immune system cells. They help in fighting diseases and in enhancing the immune response of our body. A person with less amount of Cytokines might have a poor immune system but worry not, they can be increased with the help of essential oils.

Similarly, there are neutrophils that serve as the fine line of defense and restrict pathogens from attacking the body. Moreover, they are also responsible for producing Cytokines in the body.

So you see, these substances play a vital role in making our immune system stronger and the use of essential oils can boost them. But that’s not it. There are more factors at play here such as stress in the body, sleeping patterns, eating habits, physical activity etc. All of these affect the immune system. 

Lucky for us, essential oils can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, eliminate insomnia and provide us with energy.

Hence, without much ado, let’s have a look at the 10 best Essential Oils For Immunity:

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil

There aren’t many essential oils that posses antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties but Tea Tree oil. There are various viruses that give us cold, influenza and similar diseases by transferring into our bodies from the food we eat. People with a weak immune system are more likely to fall ill when such a virus attacks them.

Using tea tree oil can boost the defenses and restrict the virus from attacking the cells and making a person fall sick. 

Apart from that, athlete’s foot is a common condition that is caused by a fungi infection. Again, people with a weak immune system will encounter this condition more often. 

Usage of tea tree oil as a diffuser or blended with massage oil will work like a charm and boost your immune system against viruses, fungi and bacteria. 

2.  Lavender

One of the major reasons for the immune system to weaken is anxiety and stress. It disrupts the balance of Cytokines and other important substances that help fight diseases and strengthen the immune system.

Lavender is an essential oil that will aid you in eliminating free radicals in the body that attacks our cells. Moreover, it will also minimize the effect of stress hormones in our body. 

This oil works like a charm in bringing a person in a calm state. Moreover, it is also good at treating depression, insomnia and anxiety.

The daily use of lavender oil will boost the antioxidant activity in the body and make the immune system stronger than ever.

You can use it as a massage oil or in the form of aromatherapy for best results.

3. Clary Sage Essential Oil

According to doctors, depression can damage your body’s immune system drastically. Not to forget that depression gives a boost to anxiety and stress as well.

Therefore, to make the immune system stronger again, one needs to treat depression, anxiety and stress as well. Here’s where Clary Sage Oil can do wonders for you. 

This essential oil has many benefits such as improving sleep patterns, treating stress, anxiety and depression. 

A study was conducted on 22 women who happened to be in their 50’s. All of them were suffering from depression. Upon exposing them to Clary Sage essential oil, their serotonin level rose and a notable improvement was observed. It not only reduced their stress and treated depression but helped in decreasing cortisol levels too.

You can use it with a diffuser and place it besides where you sleep.

4. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is a decongestant, meaning, it will keep your respiratory system clear. It’s the right fit for people who deal with shorter breaths, asthma problems etc. 

There are many kinds of Eucalyptus available but some of the most effective ones include Globulus, Radiata and Citriodora. 

  • Globulus: This one helps contains antibacterial properties and is good at clearing the respiratory system. Thus promoting easier breaths. 
  • Radiata: This kind of eucalyptus can be used to reduce muscle pain, strains and similar problems. So, using it as a diffuser or in a massage will soothe your muscles and promote blood flow.
  • Citriodora: It serves as a fungi repellant since it has antifungal properties. A massage with Eucalyptus Citriodora or its fragrance in the room will help keep the mosquitos away too. 

So, all in all, these three kinds of Eucalyptus will boost your immune system to a great deal. 

5. Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano is one of the strongest contenders among all of essential oils, especially in fighting pathogens. This essential oil is capable of fighting viruses, bacteria and fungi too. Hence, applying oregano essential oil on the body will minimize the chances of getting attacked with diseases.

However, Oregano has a very strong smell. Make sure to use it if you don’t have any allergies. In case, you are suffering from a disease already, it is better to consult a doctor first before using this essential oil.

6. Lemon Essential Oil

It is common for oxidants to attack our cells and make us ill. They are present in our bodies and also transfer from the air we breathe. On the other hand, antioxidants in the body help eliminate these oxidants but due to a weaker immune system, they fail. Hence, we suffer from common diseases such as cold, flu, etc.

The benefit of using lemon essential oil either as a massage oil or in aromatherapy is that it helps detoxify our body from these oxidants. All the toxic buildup in our bodies is cleansed.

One of the reasons for our sweat to smell bad is due to these toxic oxidants in our body. Applying lemon essential oil will help eliminate the stink.

7. Frankincense Essential Oil

Stress and anxiety are closely related to high blood pressure and will weaken the immune system. One excellent way to control the spiking of blood pressure in the body is to use Frankincense essential oil. 

When this oil is inhaled, it reduces the blood pressure which is why one can use it with a diffuser to treat their stress.

There are many ways to utilise this oil. You can either mix it with a massage oil, place a dab of it behind your ear to keep exposed to its fragrance or use it on a homemade candle.

Experts say that people who inhale Frankincense oil twice or thrice a week will have a strong immune system and they will fall less ill.

8. Scots Pine

This one has many amazing qualities such as fighting viruses, bacteria, fungi and also promotes breathing. Using this essential oil in aromatherapy will help fight chest congestion, respiratory problems etc.

You can use it with a diffuser or apply it on the body as well.

9. Clove Essential Oil

Clove essential oil is great at promoting good respiration and offers defense against bacteria as well. There’s a rare ingredient in clove called Eugenol that carried antibacterial properties. Hence, using it a few times a week will strengthen your body against diseases caused by bacteria.

Moreover, it also serves as a local anaesthetic and antiseptic which makes it a good essential oil to boost immunity.

10. Fir Essential Oil

Fir is a vital essential oil that has the capability of fighting and eliminating germs inside our body. By reducing the content of germs in our body, it strengthens our immune system and saves us from catching a cold, flu, fever etc.

Some patients turn to this essential oil to get a speedy recovery from disease too. 


These 10 are the best essential oils for immunity that you can easily find on the market. Make sure that you use them in the right way and not overdo it because some oils have a strong scent. 

Remember that a strong immune system should be a priority because precaution is always easier than treatment.

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