The 10 Best Essential Oils for Adrenal Fatigue

The 10 Best Essential Oils for Adrenal Fatigue

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Essential oils for adrenal fatigue, yep. Aromatherapy benefits both the physical and psychological factors of this condition.

Many people have experienced adrenal fatigue without even knowing there’s an actual diagnosis for their symptoms.

After all, everybody can feel tired from time to time, have sleeping problems and headaches due to a busy life. However, adrenal fatigue is triggered in cases of chronic stress, when the adrenal glands continuously activate the sympathetic nervous system trying to keep it up with the routine until it ultimately gets exhausted.

You might have heard about the stress hormone, cortisol, and this is the same substance that is overloaded in the body during an episode of adrenal fatigue.

So, keep that in mind if you’ve been experiencing physical, emotional, or mental stress for a long time and now have unusual symptoms. Sugar cravings, sleep problems, weakness and tiredness, depression, headaches, and low blood pressure are just a few warning signs that you may suffer from adrenal fatigue.

Top 10 Essential Oils for Adrenal Fatigue

It is possible to support adrenal function and reduce the effects of adrenal fatigue by using essential oils and aromatherapy. You only need a diffuser and some water to mix with one or two drops of essential oils, and if you’re wondering which ones will do the trick, we have gathered the top 10 essential oils for those who want to conquer tiredness and get rid of the niggling symptoms of adrenal fatigue.


Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is in our top list because it is one of the most soothing essential oils, and it is quite easy to find. It reduces the levels of cortisol, adrenaline, and other stress-related hormones that are usually on the rise during adrenal fatigue. Thus, it is suitable for improving your blood pressure, maintaining a healthy weight, and enhancing learning and memory.

Lavender is often called the “universal oil” because it is useful for almost everyone in our modern society. It is recommended if you suffer from sleepless nights when you’re overly tired, or if you just want some minutes to sit back and relax.

Rosemary essential oil

This is one of the most widely recommended essential oils for adrenal fatigue because it has been tested to reduce the levels of stress hormones in the blood and the tissues.

Excess cortisol might trigger unwanted weight gain, blood pressure problems, heart disease, memory problems, and cognitive deficiency that is usually linked to feeling stressed and exhausted.

Thus, rosemary essential oil is your way to go if you need to soothe your body and improve brain function to keep up with the routine.

Black spruce essential oil

You may also find black spruce by the name Picea mariana, and it is a therapeutic essential oil extracted from the needles of this plant. It is an excellent essential oil to use in a revitalizing massage or diffused in the air to inhale. The effects of black spruce in adrenal fatigue are mainly focused on tiredness and exhaustion.

This is an energizing essential oil that goes straight to your pituitary gland and thyroid to restore the equilibrium in the balance of hormones and neurotransmitters.

You can mix black spruce essential oil with a soothing oil such as lavender and frankincense if you want to control anxiety and feel more energetic at the same time.

Basil essential oil

Similar to black spruce, basil is fantastic if you need to regain your energy after burnout or a very long day at work. This essential oil stimulates the adrenal system without becoming a problem when you’re going to sleep.

It is the best option to replace your morning cup of coffee with a revitalizing aroma that will improve your concentration and give you more energy throughout the day.

Pine essential oil

This is an excellent pick for fatigue, tiredness, and muscle weakness. It is a stimulating essential oil that will not affect the quality of your sleep or become over-stimulating. It is often recommended for patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and boosts the regular activity of your central nervous system.

If you want to combine pine essential oil, an excellent candidate would be lavender to obtain the stimulating effects of pine and the soothing aroma of lavender at the same time.

Nutmeg essential oil

Also known as Myristica fragrans, nutmeg is an excellent essential oil if you have a diagnosed problem with your adrenal glands. It is known to help your adrenal glands return to their normal activity and balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

It is an excellent essential oil you can mix with frankincense or black spruce for an extra soothing effect.

Geranium essential oil

This essential oil improves your mood and reduces the symptoms of fatigue in patients with adrenal fatigue. Different from other essential oils, geranium is often applied right to the skin.

You can dilute the oil and apply it gently to your back right where your adrenal glands are located, just below your ribcage at either side of your back.

Grapefruit essential oil

Similar to rosemary essential oil, grapefruit regulates the levels of stress hormones in the body and the hormonal function by promoting detoxification of various endocrine disruptors we commonly find in the environment. It goes great with lavender or black spruce if you want to rebalance your adrenal and sex hormones at the same time.

Cinnamon bark essential oil
Cinnamon bark is an especially strengthening and stimulating essential oil that is usually recommended to enhance the action of others, as in black spruce and pine.

You can also try cinnamon bark combined with ginger or frankincense if you want to reduce your fatigue levels and boost your cognitive function at the same time.

Frankincense essential oil

Throughout the article, we have mentioned frankincense oil as an excellent candidate to mix with other essential oils.

It is because this essential oil is associated with benefits in certain brain functions that may be altered in patients with adrenal fatigue. Chronic stress often leads to anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Frankincense is known to tackle these imbalances, and it is recommended if you need to improve your cognitive function along with other symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

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