Tuesday, Sep 21, 2021

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Essential Oils for Studying

Guest post written by Alison Guest What is attention? Each person hears and listens, sees and looks, analyzes the environment, draws conclusions, makes certain decisions about it and communicates with it. Attention is an important cognitive process of a person, a special concentration of consciousness on an object that is in focus. Willingness to act, alertness, vigilance are all manifestations […]

DIY Essential Oil Room Spray to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Looking for a way to make your home smell great but can’t stand the chemical smell of ordinary air  fresheners? You’re not alone. Stick around to learn how you can make your own DIY essential oil room spray that will make your home smell amazing. For many of us homemakers, one key factor in determining if a home feels comfortable […]

10 Essential Oils that are Safe for Pets

You may find yourself wondering if your pet could also benefit from essential oils. We’re all trying our best to stay healthy and happy, and essential oils are a great tool for that. But we don’t always know exactly what is safe for our furry friends, and which essential oils may be potentially harmful for them. Whether your little friend […]

6 Amazing Essential Oils for Concentration

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with essential oils’ diverse range of uses. I have personally been reporting on how essential oils help heal us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Essential oils have even been used in spiritual practices around the world for thousands of years, dating back as far as ancient Egyptians. In these modern times, science is even backing […]

Essential Oils for Colds: Natural and Safe Relief

Having a cold and the congestion that comes with it is a miserable, stuffy, and frustrating feeling. If you are looking for fast, natural, and effective relief now, here are 11 essential oils for colds. How to Use Essential Oils for Colds Safely It’s immensely important to build our immune systems and protect our health because the cold season is […]

Follow Your Nose: An Intro to Aromatherapy

When many people first learn about aromatherapy, it can be easy for them to disregard it as a hippy trend with no real grounding in reality. Can you really experience physical and emotional healing just through smelling flowery oils? It does sound far out. However, the truth is that yes, anyone can experience the numerous benefits of aromatherapy and there […]