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Aromatherapy Massage: 8 Benefits and Essential Oils Blends

There is nothing like a good massage when you know you need one. They feel absolutely incredible, relaxing, and euphoric. However, did you know that there are real mental and physical benefits to getting an aromatherapy massage? It’s not like you need more reasons to get one, but it is nice to know that you can see a massage therapist […]

Essential Oils for Studying

Guest post written by Alison Guest What is attention? Each person hears and listens, sees and looks, analyzes the environment, draws conclusions, makes certain decisions about it and communicates with it. Attention is an important cognitive process of a person, a special concentration of consciousness on an object that is in focus. Willingness to act, alertness, vigilance are all manifestations […]

DIY Essential Oil Room Spray to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Looking for a way to make your home smell great but can’t stand the chemical smell of ordinary air  fresheners? You’re not alone. Stick around to learn how you can make your own DIY essential oil room spray that will make your home smell amazing. For many of us homemakers, one key factor in determining if a home feels comfortable […]

10 Essential Oils that are Safe for Pets

You may find yourself wondering if your pet could also benefit from essential oils. We’re all trying our best to stay healthy and happy, and essential oils are a great tool for that. But we don’t always know exactly what is safe for our furry friends, and which essential oils may be potentially harmful for them. Whether your little friend […]

6 Amazing Essential Oils for Concentration

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with essential oils’ diverse range of uses. I have personally been reporting on how essential oils help heal us mentally, physically, and emotionally. Essential oils have even been used in spiritual practices around the world for thousands of years, dating back as far as ancient Egyptians. In these modern times, science is even backing […]

Essential Oils for Colds: Natural and Safe Relief

Having a cold and the congestion that comes with it is a miserable, stuffy, and frustrating feeling. If you are looking for fast, natural, and effective relief now, here are 11 essential oils for colds. How to Use Essential Oils for Colds Safely It’s immensely important to build our immune systems and protect our health because the cold season is […]

Follow Your Nose: An Intro to Aromatherapy

When many people first learn about aromatherapy, it can be easy for them to disregard it as a hippy trend with no real grounding in reality. Can you really experience physical and emotional healing just through smelling flowery oils? It does sound far out. However, the truth is that yes, anyone can experience the numerous benefits of aromatherapy and there […]

Essential Oils for the Chakras

Most people have heard about the seven main chakras in the body: the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. However, many people do not fully understand what they are, their function in our body, the role they play in our spiritual development, and how we can work to balance them to improve every area of our […]

The 7 Best Essential Oils for Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that is still being used today. For those that are new to this ancient practice or those that have many years of practice under their belt, essential oils can be used to enhance the transcendent experience. Below, we will discuss the 7 best essential oils for meditation and how you can incorporate them into your […]

Essential Oil Guide for Beginners

You heard your friends talking about them with excitement and praise, you walked into an amazing smelling room and noticed a diffuser in the corner puffing up vapor, or you noticed that they are in more and more products in every area of the store. Your interest is suddenly peaking into a new world of natural health, yet you don’t […]

5 Best Essential Oils for Shingles: Natural Treatment

Shingles affects one in three Americans every single year. This frustrating virus is a risk for most people and can be difficult to manage for those that end up developing it. While there are many medical ways to fight off this virus that work, finding out how to treat shingles symptoms is also extremely important. Many people are looking for […]

Top 8 Essential Oils for Better Sleep

There’s a large number of reasons to have sleep troubles, from having an uncomfortable bed or noisy family, to insomnia or anxiety induced racing thoughts, to muscle aches and painful health ailments. Whatever your problem is, essential oils are a fast and easy way you can get better sleep. To aid the use of essential oils, ask yourself what else […]

DIY Disinfectant Spray Using Essential Oils

Keeping a clean house has never been as important as it is right now in today’s world. Taking precautions to avoid certain viruses, bacteria, and germs is not merely optional, but it is imperative in times like these. Many people are making the decision to switch to all-natural house cleaning products. Conventional house cleaners are full of toxic chemicals that […]

Medicinal Benefits of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil, also known as melaleuca, is found in a diversity of products. It is common to see tea tree oil appear in skin cream, toothpaste, handsoap, and many household cleaners. While it may be hard to believe that one essential oil is effective in such a wide array of products, the many uses of it have been […]

5 Most Effective Essential Oils for Hair Growth and Repair

There has been an upward trend in the demand for hair products that are more natural, healthy, and free of harsh toxins and chemicals. If you want the benefits of natural hair care without breaking the bank, so to speak, there are a variety of essential oils that have been proven to promote hair growth and repair. These are safe, […]

10 Best Essential Oil Blends for Diffusing

In this article, we share the 10 best essential oil blends for diffusing that you can easily make at home! Everyone loves the feeling of walking into a lovely smelling home. How your house smells can create different atmospheres depending on what scent is in the air. Would you like your home to smell relaxing and soothing after a long […]

Top 6 Essential Oils for Weight Loss

The weight loss industry seems to come out with a new fad every week. A new promise that “if you take this specially formulated pill then 10 pounds of fat will melt right off of you”. We have been so accustomed to hearing unreliable promises about what will help us lose weight that when we hear that essential oils may […]

Essential Oils for Allergies and How to Use Them

Around 50 million people per year are affected by allergies, making them the sixth leading chronic illness in the United States. Unfortunately for those 50 million people there is no cure for allergies, but there are ways to manage the sometimes frustrating symptoms. Essential oils are becoming one of the most popular natural remedies for allergies. If you are wanting […]

Top 8 Essential Oils for Energy

When you think of essential oils, you probably don’t think of how they can help wake you up in the morning. We rather associate them with helping us relax and fall asleep (thanks lavender). Would it surprise you to her that essential oils can be used to give you an energetic boost when you need it? When it comes to […]

The 10 Best Essential Oils for Youthful Skin

There are many different methods to try when fighting your skin’s aging process. There are thousands of products, expensive surgeries, injections, and lifestyle changes that you can do to have more youthful looking skin. However, you can wind up spending hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars for these kinds of procedures and deal with a lot of discomfort […]

The 7 Most Effective Essential Oils for Menopause

One of the great milestones in every woman’s life is when she reaches menopause. Granted, it is dreaded for most of her life, but it is inevitable. There is no running away from the hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and weight gain. There are, fortunately, ways to manage symptoms to make menopause more bearable. Essential oils are one of those […]

Essential Oils for Rosacea: 7 Safe and Effective Oils

If you have come across this article, you may be wondering how to treat rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition affecting .5 to 10 percent of the population. While this condition might be frustrating to manage, there are natural treatment methods that can provide relief for severe or mild rosacea. One of these treatments is using essential oils. Below, we […]

Top 7 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil – the Queen of Aromatherapy! If you have a terrible headache and a fungal infection, you’re unable to fall asleep and have anxiety, and on top of it all, you’re losing hair, would it surprise you to know that there is one essential oil that can fix it all? Popularly called the most versatile essential oil in […]

5 Essential Oils for Addiction You Should Use

It is no secret that addiction is a battle that many people in the U.S. face today. This battle is ongoing with many people looking for holistic and alternative approaches to help with recovery every single day. One of these holistic approaches is using essential oils for addiction.  Alternative treatment plans With the pharmaceutical companies under more scrutiny than ever […]